Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I'm back

Or, still here, rather. There has been writer's block. There have been distractions. Y'know. But I've got some things in the pipeline and there will be more posts shortly.

Here's something I did while I wasn't blogging:

Living Room Gallery: The Artistry of Benjamin Hunt (2001 - )

It began as a simple page of pictures of my son's scribbles and other artistic endeavors, and sort of grew.

Here's the thing, though: I'm not really being ironic. I think the things my kid does really are art--arising from the exact same source as anything that was ever displayed in a gallery. And a whole lot less self-conscious and egotistical, to boot.

The whole question of whether this thing is art, or that thing isn't, has always struck me as a giant masturbatory waste of time. Art is seeing the world, and knowing that it's not quite finished until you've added a stroke or two of your own. As we grow older and our art begins to garner us rewards (and sometimes punishments), it gets larded down with other motivations, and after a while we forget what we were really doing it for. But the real purpose of the thing is to interact with the world around you--so that it contains more of you, and you contain more of it. Toddlers grok it in fullness.

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